#Top5Saturday- Own Voices Books I Loved!

I am still learning about a bunch of stuff about books and reading, and one of the recent things I became fully aware of is the #OwnVoices. Based on what I read, it started as a Twitter movement. #Ownvoices books are books by authors writing from their own experiences. May it be about race, sexuality, illness, identity and other related experiences that authors were able to translate or share through their written works.

Book Review #8- The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco

Asha are not simple witches who can just cast curses and the likes. At a young age, they are trained to have good skills in dancing, singing, playing musical instruments, and yielding magical runes. They are taught different languages, history, literature and basic skills in medicine and combat. On a regular day, they are expected to be good in entertaining noble people and royalties with their performances and communication skills, but beyond it, they have duties they need to perform to maintain the peace and order within their kingdoms.